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Air Supply

As the rail market representatives for Atlas Copco, we work closely with their Rail Competence Design Centre in France to provide a range of air generation and treatment solutions that deliver better whole of life value than those offered by our competitors.

Supply of Air Generation & Treatment Units (AGTUs)

We work with Atlas Copco to provide compressors, dryers and air filtration units that are far more cost effective over their entire life cycle than those offered by our competitors.

As their exclusive Rail partner in the region, we have direct access to Atlas Copco’s Rail Competence Centre. Together the combined strength of the Engineering and Design teams of both organisations, tailor solutions to meet your specific needs.

We achieve this by blending our knowledge of your trains, and operating conditions, with Atlas Copco’s extensive “parts bin” and compressed air “know-how” to deliver a solution that is optimized to the performance objectives you have for your fleet. Our approach is focused on minimizing the maintenance required, maximizing the uptime and ensuring that major service intervals aren’t cost prohibitive.

Compressor Overhauls

We are an independent servicing organization, agnostic to the OEM suppliers, developing our own accredited documentation packages, deriving specialist functional testing requirements, sourcing our own materials and providing obsolescence management. We pride ourselves on low cost, high quality and short lead times.

We cater to all types of compressors, dryers and filtration units, and specialize in tailoring servicing solutions to your specific requirements, and not prescribing what you should do with your assets, or when you should do it. Our programs are based on facts and analysis, so you will always receive optimized results with your assets.

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John Marinos
Managing Director - Australia

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