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High Performance Re-engineering

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All repair kits and materials are designed in house to the highest industry standards, whilst the resulting components and supply chain are qualified, then function & life cycle tested, providing our customers with the assurance that their trains will continue to be safe, and reliable.

Sabre Rail’s Engineering procedures are approved under RISAS (UK), London Underground and comply with all IRIS requirements in the UK and Europe.

Full verification of Sabre Rail specification packs is done at component level, including material analysis, dimensional analysis, and life cycle testing of the component and complete unit overhaul. On request, Sabre Rail Spares, Repair Kits and Overhauls have also been certified as ‘OEM equivalent’ replacements by 3rd Party engineering consultants.

Sabre Rail Materials and overhauls have been supplied to UK network for over 30 years, and in many cases exceed the performance of OEM service solutions.

However, we are not just another services provider. At Sabre Rail, we apply our engineering “know how” to deliver high performing value added solutions.

How we help our customers keep their vehicles in traffic

Sustainability Engineering

  • At Sabre Rail, we understand that equipment must operate efficiently and reliably to ensure that operational service availability remains at the high levels demanded by asset operators. We also acknowledge that as equipment ages, its reliability diminishes, but this does not need to be the case!
  • We have a strong commitment to sustainable development and the environment.
  • We deliver solutions to reliably extend the life of critical systems through a process of remanufacture thereby reducing the waste involved in the manufacture of new products. This approach reduces the input energy and emissions required to produce replacement equipment, reduces waste generated by disposal of the existing equipment, and extends the life of the components which enhances the customers asset value.

Remote monitoring capabilities

  • We can add monitoring equipment to any system and develop a bespoke proactive monitoring, reporting and asset reliability solution.

Technical Maintenance Planning

  • We undertake condition-based assessments to review fleet technical maintenance plans and optimise component overhaul intervals based on vehicle usage data, and component condition.

Product Improvements

  • The culmination of our engineering services, Sabre Rail undertake component design modifications to improve life cycle cost, optimize performance, increase life, reduce maintenance costs, and provide better return on your assets.

How can we help?

John Marinos
Managing Director - Australia

Complimentary Agency Products

  • Primary suspension & Metalastic rubber products - (SilentBloc, UK & Spencer Moulton France)
  • Air supply and treatment - (Atlas Copco, Rail Division, France)
  • Electronic / Electro-Pneumatic brake control, WSP & ancillary electronics - (KES GmbH, Germany)
  • Freight & Bogie Brake systems - (DAKO, Czech Republic)
  • Door Systems - (Kangni, China & Tamware, Finland)
  • Braking Discs – Wheel & Axle Mounted - (IBRE, France)
  • Brake Pads & Brake Blocks - (Bremskerl, Germany)

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